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Put human context into your online communication

Touch and Receive

Everyone understands that words, images, and events have a powerful effect on us.

So why has sending and receiving information through today’s digital communication channels devolved into a steady stream of non-relevant ads? Even worse, endless personal battles that have no contribution to making your life better?

Avalon. Not only a big idea, a new destination.

Be empowered and express yourself like never before

Avalon’s purpose is to increase understanding when people communicate using digital technology. It does this through the use of secure sharing Bubbles.

Our goal is to help you build meaningful relationships with friends and the things that interest you.

Bubbles ensure shared experiences and interests relevant to both stakeholders in a relationship.

Keep your worlds isolated and private, just like in real life.

Connect with people in a human way

To facilitate human communication in the digital world, we offer a new patented implementation of the biological learning process found in the human brain. We call it Consciousness Analytics.

We understand there are real people on the other side of your communications. And almost everyone wants to communicate without computers that scan through your interactions in search of an ad recommendation.

You don't have to be frustrated when online anymore. Now you can understand friends and information clearly.

See how you affect everyone and understand what it means to you

For the first time, you can understand how your thoughts and health responds to all the input it receives.

Avalon is the only collaborative platform that ensures complete clarity on both sides of any digital communication.

Most importantly, how information affects you and how you contribute to the most important people in your life.

Be the change you seek

If you want a future where what you share is not intermingled with endless negative arguments or distractions, Avalon is the place for you.

We strive to help you navigate through the cluttered forest of data overload and privacy violations.

You are the pilot with Avalon. And you can explore and discover interests that are important to you to make your life better.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Gone are the days selling of data and programming interfaces offered to third-party companies to target your customers with unsolicited ads. With Avalon, all communications are only viewable on your brand devices and at customer engagement points.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface is capable of calculating sentiment, independent of language, text, and culture. Best of all it does it without revealing any personal information to anyone but you because it has privacy baked into the entire communication service path.

We are all explorers by nature. So it makes sense that consumers use digital technology as a search and discovery tool. However, using technology should not come at the cost of giving up your personal information.

How this benefits you is now relationships can be developed directly with your customers, in complete privacy, while we help you understand the interaction.

Take this new journey with us, and arrive in the world of trusted consumer relationships.

Avalon is the future available today

Twiin, Inc. created Avalon, a new technology that focuses on direct communication paths that bypass intermediaries who add no value.

Avalon is a radical departure from the status quo advertising-fueled analytics apps disguised as social apps.

Why is that important? No successful relationship has ever been developed based on inaccurate information.

We invite you to try Avalon and experience directly the future you deserve from digital communication.

See Avalon in action...

We offer Avalon Social as a free mobile phone application for both Andriod and iOS. This configuration implements some of our software components that are available to you.

Anyone can participate in the Avalon social app as an individual user and create communities for you and your friends.

If your brand has a strong public following or needs our business community analytics package, contact us below, and we’ll help you set up your business community.

Try Avalon Social

Avalon apps are available for iOS and Android