Business Consciousness Analytics

Securely extract sentiment consistently and accurately

Consciousness Analytics vs. Magic Misdirection

So how do babies learn to walk without a manual?

Unlike computers and current analytic solutions, the human mind does not scan through enormous amounts of data in search of a solution. It makes quick assessments and predictions based on small changes in its environment.

Our analytics rely on a new patented implementation of this biological learning process found in the brain. We call it Consciousness Analytics.

It provides your brand’s public-facing interfaces with enhanced ease of use capabilities to calculate sentiment, virtually instantaneously, and anywhere customers and your business engage.

Modeled by the most recent findings in neuroscience, we provide real tools to solve the problem of ineffective advertising by increasing your understanding of the thoughts and emotions of your customers.

Isn’t it time to give up the hazy target guessing and misdirection associated with surveys, third-party big data magic or social advertising, and switch to the crystal-clear consumer insights provided by Avalon?

Time for a change that saves you time and money

Avalon’s purpose is to increase your understanding of your customers. Moreover, do it privately, without internet trolls, personal data collection, violating customer trust, or third party companies abusing your Brand’s information.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Take your existing web page, mobile App, digital advertisement, consumer device, or whatever.

Step 2: We give you embedded software that runs within your existing environment to securely access our genius analytics cloud product.

Step 3: We calculate sentiment precisely based on what your customers are thinking about your products and services within said genius cloud analytics system. You have 24/7 access directly through our secure web portal.

Step 4: At any time, you can form and manage as many groups as you wish to assess regions, demographics, topics, events, whatever…, virtually instantaneously within seconds of your request.

Save your time and money without an intermediary and start to understand your customers in real dialog directly with them!

Without correlation, "no sense" and "nonsense" are the same

Everyone is aware that words, images, and events have a powerful effect on us. However, without our innovative technology, you’re just counting and guessing consumer intentions without understanding why they do it.

Avalon is a new analytics software as a service (ASaaS) that changes everything! It can be inserted anywhere in your consumer buying decision cycle, be it e-commerce merchandising, direct to consumer transactions, mobile devices, or in advertisements. Place Avalon in any one of or all phases of your consumer buying cycle, you decide where it is of greatest utility.

Unlike today's digital metric solutions, Avalon calculates sentiment across the entire globe in seconds sorted by socioeconomic characteristics of each community.

Avalon. Not only a big idea, it’s also a product that works today.

Human Grouping, Community Behavior Linked by our Bubble

Humans have relied on being in groups and communities to satisfy the need to belong.

Avalon relies on a privacy-based architecture which makes use of a building block called a Bubble; our unique grouping and community technology allowing brands and consumers to contextually communicate in complete privacy while using any device, not just a mobile phone.

Social media companies have used ‘trending’ as the all-encompassing consumer metric. While trending techniques have been great for generating advertising dollars, they have been a dismal failure for understanding customer’s intentions. Trending turned out to be a marketing term for counting likes and hearts rather than a valid analytic that helps your business.

Avalon’s service contains software components that integrate directly with your service or product. Unlike legacy Artificial Intelligence techniques, that slowly churn through infinite amounts of uncorrelated data, Twiin has pioneered thin-slicing Artificial Intelligence based on Human Intelligence. This new AI technique produces instantaneous, accurate results on small amounts of data.

In today’s world of split-second attention spans and micro-engagement cycles, you don’t have the luxury to waste time. With Avalon, you know immediately.

However, please don’t take our word for it....

Listen to what one of our customers had to say

Our healthcare system has been using Avalon with our patients for over two years. I rely on the platform to build and foster positive and nurturing relationships with my clients.

Most patients today are overloaded with either too much, too little or just the wrong information. Avalon allows us to communicate with our patients in a relevant and useful way. As part of our healthcare service, we can now offer them direct access to information that has been fact-checked by their practice and connected to their doctors.

Avalon has enabled us to reach our patients by building new communities for new moms through women in menopause, where ever they are thereby expanding our business and accommodating the full spectrum of women’s health.

There are dozens of other pregnancy and health apps out there, and I challenge you to find another one where your doctors are engaged on the app with you.

Dr. Beth Rutherford, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Relationships

Gone are the days selling of data and programming interfaces offered to third-party companies to target your customers with unsolicited ads. With Avalon, all communications are only viewable on your brand devices and at customer engagement points.

Our revolutionary universal analytics interface is capable of calculating sentiment, independent of language, text, and culture. Best of all it does it without revealing any personal information to anyone but you because it has privacy baked into the entire communication service path.

We are all explorers by nature. So it makes sense that consumers use digital technology as a search and discovery tool. However, using technology should not come at the cost of giving up your personal information.

How this benefits you is now relationships can be developed directly with your customers, in complete privacy, while we help you understand the interaction.

Take this new journey with us, and arrive in the world of trusted consumer relationships.

Avalon is the future available today

Avalon is a radical departure from the status quo advertising-fueled analytics apps disguised as social apps.

Twiin was established to create Avalon, a new technology that focuses on direct communication that bypasses intermediaries who add no value.

Why is that important? No successful relationship has ever been developed based on inaccurate feedback. However, that is precisely the environment created when entrusting your communications to third-party digital advertising financed companies.

We invite you to try Avalon and experience directly the future you deserve from digital communication.

See Avalon in action...

We offer Avalon Social as a free mobile phone application for both Andriod and iOS. This configuration implements some of our software components that are available to you.

Anyone can participate in the Avalon social app as an individual user and create communities for you and your friends.

If your brand has a strong public following or needs our business community analytics package, contact us below, and we’ll help you set up your business community.

Try Avalon Social

Avalon apps are available for iOS and Android