• Avalon

    Release yourself and
    start to live…

    Imagine using a new service that captures what makes us human and transfers it through the internet, to be shared and experienced together. We built it. We call it Avalon.

    Let go of the past and take this journey with us.

Touch and Receive

Everyone understands that words, images and events have a powerful effect on us.

Unfortunately, sending and receiving information through today’s digital communication channels has evolved into a steady stream of non-relevant ads, companies' irresponsible handling of user’s data, and endless personal opinions that have no contribution to making your life better.

Every once in a while, a serious problem and a big idea find each other and actually make people’s lives truly better. We are standing at this crossroad.

When you look where you have been and where you could go, the decision is obvious.

Avalon. Not only a big idea, a new destination.

Be empowered and express yourself like never before

Avalon’s purpose is to increase understanding at any distance without internet misinformation, biased social media analytics, or companies selling your data.

Avalon builds deeper relationships with friends through the use of secure sharing Bubbles.

If you desire, you can also venture outside of your secure bubble, and request Avalon to identify new connections based on the identical experiences of others.

Be part of the next evolutionary step in communications for individuals and businesses.

You only have one life, shouldn’t you get the most out of it?

Connect with people in a human way

We understand there are real people on the other side of your communications.

Avalon is the first service that can extend your thoughts and emotions through the internet unaltered. What makes you, uniquely you, can now be accurately transported anywhere in the world.

Imagine not only searching for information, but also having the ability to search for experiences, thoughts, and emotions all connected to topics that are important to you.

This is a place where anyone can participate and everyone can understand via a universal icon language. Deep dialog is now possible without words.

Discover this extraordinary new world of connected human consciousness.

See how you affect everyone, and understand what it means to you

Avalon is the only collaborative platform that enables complete clarity on both sides of any digital communication. Thoughtfully designed with sentiment feedback, Avalon provides you with a better understanding of the world around you.

For the first time, you can understand how your own mind and body responds to all the input it receives.

Avalon is about you, and for you.

Your Data, Your Privacy, Your Life

History has shown that humans are explorers by nature. However, exploring using digital technology should not come at the cost of giving up your personal information.

We do not permit or offer any access to anyone’s personal information.

There are no unsolicited ads. No selling of data. No programming interfaces offered to third party companies to target you. All of your communications are for your eyes only, encrypted and viewable only on your devices.

We firmly believe that people should control the technology they choose to use, not the opposite, as many technology companies publicly endorse.

Take this new journey with us, and be the change you want to achieve.

You can be the change you seek

Empower yourself and join the ever-growing community for sharing in a safe, private, and secure place.

Visualize a future where the very essence of you, your thoughts, actions, and emotions are what you share with family and their generations to come. Now you can build your legacy while you are living it.

You are not just an observer, you are an instrumental part of it all.

Expand your reach with
an Avalon community

Get started with a community of your own...

Anyone can participate on Avalon as an individual user. But if you also need a focused forum, Avalon offers Communities. Individuals and businesses can have large public followings and also can reach strategic people in a completely private way.

If you have passion for a particular topic or movement, we would love to hear from you and help you set up your community.

Start your journey

Avalon apps are available for iOS and Android